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Feb 28, 2018

Performance Report Episode #513

The late Reverend Billy Graham once said:
"A coach will impact more lives in one year than an average person will in a lifetime."
I don't believe that quote is limited to just coaches and this episode will explain precisely why.
*Episode #513 is dedicated to the Memory of Marylyn S....

Feb 20, 2018

Performance Report Episode #512

Intellectual Laziness is destroying our country. It's also destroying your team's results if you allow it. Stadium Status billionaires practice what I call The 60 Minute Rule. They invest at least an hour a day in learning.

Leaders are readers. When do you schedule reading into...

Feb 5, 2018

Performance Report Episode #511

The worst thing you can do is expect results. The best thing you can do is just put in the work, one step at a time based on a system with a track record of success. When you expect results to occur and they don’t magically appear your mind assumes nothing is happening. In reality a lot...