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Dec 13, 2017

YOU Deserve Better From Me In 2018

I have one simple goal for 2018 -- to serve YOU better than ever in the New Year. I don’t want to waste your time sending you content that doesn’t relate to you or your work. So, in order to do that I need to find out what you want to learn more about.

I would mean a lot to me if you could take 30 seconds and tell me what is the single biggest challenge you’re struggling with in your business right now?

I’ll be able use that information to gear my upcoming content towards topics YOU specifically want to learn more about.

(The survey is just 4 simple questions that only takes about 30 seconds to complete)

As a thank you for your feedback, I’ll be offering the first 50 survey takers the opportunity to gain access to my new online learning platform “Coach Bru Academy” before the general public. Thanks again!